Tuesday, September 14, 2010


     On the goading of friends and acquaintances, I have decided to start a blog... again.  I have had blogs in the past, but nothing much to say in them.  That being said, I still have nothing much of interest to report, but I do have a bit more than before - a little older, a little sillier, and a little more opinionated, as time has fashioned me.
     I consider myself a simple person, with simple tastes and likes... but in truth I am probably rather complicated.  I am a German-American raised, medical school taught, Western New-Yorker with a relish for Asian languages and good food.  (Pun not intended!)
    Over the days, if you care to browse, you may find stories about my pediatric residency interviews, food stories, and other bits and bobbles of my misadventures.

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