Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ohayou Ohio! (translation = good morning Ohio)

I had my first interview at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio!  It was the first of a long line of interviews, others of which will include Rainbow children and babies hospital in Cleveland Ohio, Hershey PA, Rochester NY, Buffalo NY, UCLA, UCLA Harbor, Fresno, University of California Irvine... to name a few.  It's going to be a long interview trail...

The high points of Nationwide were numerous, but what struck me the most was the hospital's dedication to teamwork and adaptation to the diverse cultures around them.  Also, ALL, and I mean ALL of the residents said that they were happy.  This is a stark contrast to what I am used to hearing from residents.  I think the difference lies in the fact that the residents have a say in what goes on around them and they feel as though they are heard.  

Other good parts about Nationwide include specialty-run floors, a new building opening up next year, flexible placement for outpatient settings (specialty versus non-specialty), quite a few research opportunities and a high caliber teaching staff.  

Columbus itself is a great city - family oriented, musically diverse, and hip to the younger crowd plus good revitalization of the city near the hospital.  Close places to live include german village, victorian village and the short north (the big arts district).  I would probably choose the short north to live in, as this would encourage me to GO OUTSIDE MORE!