Saturday, February 19, 2011

Headache Blahs Begone~!

My Remedy for headache blahs: a creamy cup of strong coffee and two ibuprofen. Brilliant. 
I ain't feelin' no pain!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Musings over breakfast

     There are a few indisputable truths that I have discovered in my quarter of a century of living: Potatoes, when left too long, will sprout and begin to grow despite the unsurmountable darkness of my alley-way type kitchen.  The dishwasher can only truly be fixed by smacking it a couple of times in pure frustration.  Individuality and weirdness invariably have the same meaning when applied to people.  And hot cocoa is the best end to a long day.  However, there is one more indisputable truth that rises above the others and always amazes me.  Love exists, for everyone and everything, even me.
     My years of living with a Japanese man have brought me quite a few new truths that I have adopted into my original list:  Fried eggs taste even better with a little soy sauce.  Hunger is absolutely an emotion in human males.  And geographical distance can always be conquered with enough air-fare.  But most of all, I have learned that everything is better when sitting across the table from someone that loves you despite the sprouting potatoes in the kitchen, the broken dish-washer, and the many other parts of you that make you an "individual".  At the end of the day, to make hot cocoa and green tea with the same hot water and say goodbye to another day, together, this is love.