Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Cat Chronicles, a new generation: Tora.

So, since settling down in residency, we felt it was high time to get a pet.  After searching wide and low for a dog, we decided that our schedules were too unfair for an outside-loving run-around kind of pet.  Thus, we stumbled upon Melvin, my new orange cat.  He is most likely 2 years old, a pudgy rescue from Fresno. He's quite playful, with many idiosyncrasies, which is so far making for full-fledged blogging fun.
so without further ado, I hope you will enjoy, the more permanent version of the Cat Chronicles.

(9/4/11) After searching high and low from my temporary hotel in PetSmart, I used my Kitty Jedi powers to lure a suitable couple into buying me... and a laser pointer just for fun. The man is Japanese, which means they will have plenty of fish. I will now work on convincing them to name me something better than "Melvin". 

9/5/11) I think they have named me "Tora". They keep saying it over and over again. They might have named me "Hey Fatty" for all I know since they repeat that one often as well. I'm undecided if this is better than Melvin.

(9/6/11) I wonder where the swirling water goes in that big white bowl. I think a fish will emerge at some point if I check every single time, and thus I am quite sincere in my determination.

(9/6/11) They can wake me from sleep and expect me to play, but I can't do the same to them. I think there's a double standard here.

(9/8/11) Mental testing part 1: Making the humans ignore the obvious... They've become frustrated enough with me periodically walking across their computers that they completely ignore my secret laboratory being set up behind the human-couch. I'm thinking of installing a mini-bar tomorrow.

(9/18/11) Mental testing part 2: I have been attempting to confuse the humans by putting my "cat toys" in the closet when they aren't looking. They caught on fairly quickly - this confirms that they have memory and deductive processes. However, this does not mean they are intelligent. The constant repetition of "fatty kitty" shows a major degeneration of vocal processes that I can only suspect is related to brain damage.

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